Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mini post: level 85

So my Paladin replacement for the Death Knight has finally reached level 85 (that last level was horrible)! Unfortunatly the levelling was the easy part, now I have to grind professions, learn how to tank with my entire toolbox and gear up ASAP. My aim is to get myself ready to jump into our Fireland raids so i'm ready for the Dragon soul raid on week 1 of the patch.


I have chosen Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing, they are both decent professions for a tank, I have a miner already and I don't have either of them leveled yet. All quite sensible logical thinking.

Oh god the grind! It's horrible!

Jewelcrafting wasn't a problem with the cash I made while levelling but Blacksmithing is horrendous. That amount of matts you need as you go is insane! My plan for blacksmithing is to do it bit by bit with part buying matts and part farming. it's the only way I can imagine doing it without going insane and/or broke.

Gearing up

Gearing up really isn't a problem these days, my i-level was easily up to getting into heroics on the day I dinged 85 and I just hit the zandalari requirements last night. That being said my gear is a pile of crap so i'm trying to drag guild healers along as much as possible until i'm more comfortable, this shouldn't be long though with justice points making it quick to get into almost full 359's.

Learning the class

This is the hardest part of the process. Levelling in prot for almost the entire time (I did play around with ret at 80-85 and really enjoyed it) I know the basics, but there's a big difference between leveling and learning about your cooldown useage in a heroic then raid enviroment.

My main priority here is going to be configuring my cooldowns, macros and UI to make the most out of all my abilities and my next few posts are going to be based around that process.

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