Monday, 19 December 2011

Updates updates where have you been updates?

Phew so as an ex student I have to say adapting to my lazy schedule to getting up at 6am everyday for work is not easy! I've got into the schedule of getting home, cooking then only having a couple of hours to kill before I need to sleep. However I think i've finally got this sorted by becoming addicted to coffee and thus needing less sleep so hopefully I can get more updates going.

I was planning to do a series of posts on sorting out my paladin UI but that's become a moot point now anyway (see below) so here's the news:


Well there's been quite alot of things going on in my WoW life since I last updated so i'll dive right in:

1) Discombobulated downed Ragnaros on our very last raid night before 4.3 ended up hitting! This was especially fortunate since almost everyone (bar me) was convinced we had another week.

Now it may only be Ragnaros normal mode but for our casual raiding guild that was founded at the start of Cataclysm by 6 people who had never raided before and had no idea if they even wanted too it's quite an achievement

A big gratz to everyone who was there for that awesome kill and a big thanks to everyone who helped us get there!

2) With Ragnaros dead Discombobulated was heading straight into new raid content on week 1 for the first time ever! Being almost Christmas time we have been hit by the attendance boss but we persevered, grabbed some spare non raider guildies and jumped in anyway.

So far we are 4/8 in Dragon soul. We got Ultraxion down to 8% a couple of times on Friday. While our temporary DPS did an awesome job with limited gear our regulars were sorely missed, and we would have downed him for sure if they had been around. The healers did a fantastic job keeping us up right until the damage became pretty much impossible to heal through. Next week Ultraxion, next week.

3) Paladin

As I mentioned previously my discontent with DK tanking led me to level and gear a paladin replacement, however one of our ranged DPS (something we've always been short on as we have a lot of melee players and 2 of our ranged switched to healing) has gone AWOL so I'm stepping into that role and no longer tanking. So the Paladin is shelved for now (though it was pretty much done) and I am instead raiding on:

4) My Warlock!

My warlock Arrym had a special place in my heart as my first character she experienced the vast brunt of my newbishness before I knew any better! She became an alt in Cataclysm after I switched to healing and then tanking but I always kept her geared in case she was needed (and because pew pew is fun) and now it's her time to shine!

So I did some research, specced Demonology, sorted out my UI, learnt the rotation, reforged all my gear and she was ready to roll in week 1 of Dragon Soul! Have to say i'm having a blast DPS'ing.

So expect the blog to be a bit more warlockie!

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