Sunday, 8 January 2012

Very Minipost: 2012!

2012 is upon us and in a plan that makes me very smug with its cleverness my new years resolutions start today rather then the 1st. All the spare food from Christmas is gone and I've slept off all my hangovers so now the new year can begin!

One of my resolutions is to blog more of course. I have been pretty bad with updates since I started blogging because.....well because I suck really. However in 2012 I have more free time and more drive to keep updating, so fingers crossed!

State of raiding

My switch from tank to DPS has worked out rather well in the end. Our AWOL DPS hasn't returned and we have had guildies step up to the tanking role (half of dragon soul being 1 tankable also helped). If we're short of anything most weeks it ends up being ranged DPS so the change turned out to be a good one.

Discombobulated are 5/8 in Dragon Soul and are currently working on Blackhorn. He is harder then we were expecting (though we were all expecting lootship 2 so being harder then that isn't difficult) but we have been making decent progress a second night of progression and he should be down.
Our raiding progress is being reasonably solid (for the time we have spent) with the bosses we down staying down week after week, we can comfortably 1 shot up to Hagara even with holes in our roster being filled with non raiders. Ultraxion is also a nice and easy 1 shot with our regular group but the DPS requirements are rather strict so we can't just drag along anyone.

State of Warlocking

Overall I think I've slipped into the ranged DPS role rather well. I'm usually in the top 3 in damage done though everyone in our regular group is pretty close, meters aren't everything of course but it's nice to know i'm not dragging my feet in my new role :).

I had a few tunnel vision issues at first but Ultraxion was pretty unforgiving in that regard so I got over them ^^. Currently I'm calling out targets for the ranged DPS on Blackhorn which is also doing wonders for my awareness.

Overall I have to say I am having a blast DPS'ing my way through Dragon Soul, I am a bit shocked by just how much more i'm enjoying it compared to tanking.

Updates soooooooon

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